"I don't feel like I'm just watching you. Even though I know it is just a video and you're not really interacting with me, I can't help but become absorbed into your narrative."

Coming Home to Catch a Foot Pervert and Teach Him a Lesson


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29 May 2010

Caught in the act! Did you plan this? Did you want me to find you here… in my own home… playing with a pile of my own socks?! What a pervert you are! You must be into women’s feet. Are you?

Well, I know what to do with a foot pervert… I’m going to give you more feet than you can possibly stand! …Starting with a simple, sweet kiss as I shrink you down to the puny little person you were meant to be. That’s where you belong. Down on the floor on that pile of socks you made… wallowing in my foot stench… and so dangerously close to my high heels.

Be careful… you might just get stepped on and crushed! …Not before I tease you with my sexy shoes, with my feet bared and wriggling in my sheer stockings, and finally, with my soles bared and pressed to your tiny body….