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Selling Themselves for a Honeymoon


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10 January 2010

My AVN magazine turned me onto this hot little news bite, reporting “‘Something Blue’ in British Couple’s Wedding Plans” in telling the story. As it turns out, an English couple has created quite a stir in choosing to become amateur porn producers – and starlets – in order to fund their big dreams of a honeymoon in Mexico. Any of you know Lisa Brand and Tommy Barnes??

Their decision tickles me to no end. What I love most about the story is that A) they’re jumping into the adult business completely casually and treating it as the opportunity for the natural creative expression of their sexual selves as it really is, B) their in their 30s as I was when I took the plunge myself, and C) they also have four children who aren’t swaying their decision to go publicly nude and publicly porn at all. Kudos to you, Lisa and Tommy!

Of course, I have to wonder how much research they put into the project and if they truly know what they’re getting into. After all, I filmed my first personal videos for my own exploration, and it was so much fun, so thrilling, so fulfilling, tapped into my personal creativity on so many levels, and came with so many benefits and great compliments that I just never looked back. Lisa and Tommy, welcome to the business!

amateur porn stars filming for wedding honeymoon lisa brand and tommy barnes
Tommy & Lisa

At last report, the couple had already earned 1,300 pounds from their first three film projects towards their intended wedding and honeymoon planned for Cancun in June. Their first films supposedly offer scenes of role playing lingerie model and photographer, hot wax play, a threesome, paddle spanking, and recreating a scene from Body of Evidence, which starred Madonna herself in all her glory back in ’93.

And more hot sex and creative scenes are to come! The couple stated they need to film at least four more films to cover the total cost of their marital plans.

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