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Join Us in Protesting Amazon’s Biased Adult Policy


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22 August 2009

Amazon.com… the massive online shopping site offering a wide range of products, usually competitive prices, great customer service, a medium for sellers as well as buyers, and available worldwide… is showing its true colors and biased corporate views. In the last few years, we’ve seen Amazon.com open-minded enough to add sexually explicit books, adult sexual health products, sex toys, erotic clothing, etc. to its catalog and yet, has revealed itself to be unduly judgmental and illegally biased in its benefits rendered to both buyers, sellers, and the producers and artists behind many of their products.

While Amazon realizes the business sense and monetary advantages of offering “adult” products, its company policy excludes such products from earning and being publicly labeled with sales ratings as offered for all of its other listings. As Amazon’s representative has stated in print, the company excludes “adult material from appearing in some searches and best seller lists. Since these lists are generated using sales ranks, adult materials must also be excluded from that feature.”

Worse yet, Amazon draws a dubious line between what it chooses to classify as adult or not. There is an obvious and hypocritical bias towards heterosexual nude imagery and sexually explicit materials and against gay, lesbian, and transgender materials, whether illustrated or not, historical or fiction, sexually explicit or not. In other words, it appears that Amazon is all for Playboy’s depictions of nude women but doesn’t want its mainstream customer base to realize it also sells historical and nonfiction literature on topics such as homophobia. What?!

amazon fail logo image petition and protest against amazon new adult policy

Join me and the 28,000+ others globally who are protesting Amazon’s new adult classification policy and challenging the company’s blatant hypocrisy. Sign the online petition, add your personal comments, and choose to remain anonymous if you wish. Every voice counts.

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