“I looooove your work! I’m always so excited to see what you’re doing next!”

"I looooove your work! I'm always so excited to see what you're doing next!"

Ripping My Naked Body Free of My Sexy Outfit and Lingerie


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6 October 2009

Of course! I’d love to model my new sexy summer outfit for you… Do you like my long smooth silk skirt and my delicate ruffled top? But you know… Are you thinking what I’m thinking??

Yes! This outfit would be so much sexier if it had a hole in it… a slight tear… or maybe a big RIP! What do you think? Should I alter my clothes a bit?

I’ll just tug a bit at my top…. oooh, I have to use all my muscles… these clothes are made so well! Grrrrr… I’ll just make a snip here and pull and stretch and…

Oooooh, that’s such a sexy sound! Isn’t it?! I have to try again… By the time I’m through, I’ll have ripped my complete pretty little outfit AND my big bra and lacey panties to SHREDS!!!

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