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Slashing and Ripping My New Bikini and Fishnets


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23 August 2009

I can’t wait to model my brand new string bikini for you… What do you think?!? Do you like it? It barely fits… my natural breasts are popping out!

Do you think it’s okay? How about my ass? A great fit? I don’t know… What about my black fishnet pantyhose? Oh, I have a tear right there on my leg! Darn it! This just won’t do at all.

I know just how to improve the entire outfit. Yes, I’m going to pull and tug and tear at that darn hole in my fishnets…… ah, that’s it! So much cooler and looser that way. And over here on this side…….. grrrr!!!

Now, I bet I could improve my bikini with a few tears as well…. it’s so strong… but I have scissors! Nip, nip, slice… now THIS is a HOT bathing suit!!

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