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Destroying the Unwanted Sexy Gifts from an Admirer


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1 June 2010

Oooh, what’s this? A package from a secret admirer?? Oh, no! It’s from HIM! Oh, I keep telling him that I don’t want his affection. And no more gifts!

Well, I guess I can take a look inside and see what he sent to me this time… ooh, this is kind of sexy! …a sexy silk, shoulder-baring blouse, some hot white fishnets, red high heel shoes. Well, maybe I can try them on just to see what they look like. I definitely love the way the fishnets stretch across my ass and legs… and this silk blouse with no bra beneath is such a turn on! Don’t I look great?

Well, but I just can’t stand the fact that HE sent them to me. I really don’t want his gifts. No, no, I just can’t stand to have these things on! I have to get out of them now!! RRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!

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