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Slowly Stripping and Describing What It Feels Like to Wear Women’s Lingerie


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31 March 2009

Let’s get out of these restrictive clothes. Are you ready? I’ll describe for you exactly what it feels like to have a woman’s curvy body pent up in this hot summery outfit as I pull off each bit of clothing… but not until I really make you hot by showing off my sexy walk in these high heels, of course. See how my hips sway and my ass cheeks squeeze nice and tight?

I’m going to take my top off first; my breasts are just bursting to come out! And this lace bra is scratching at my soft skin and taut nipples. How do I look while topless in these tiny shorts? My breasts love to be free!

And then, I’ll step out of my shorts and bare my long legs and g-string for you… oooh, it’s so tight too. Are you enjoying your super closeup view? I’m just about naked for you…

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