"You’ve really tapped into something in the male psyche with these taboo fantasy videos. These are some of the hottest videos I’ve seen anywhere."

Come On, Boy. TRY to Impress Teacher


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9 February 2021

Your teacher is as flattered as you could possibly hope by your gift of a homemade, handwritten Valentine’s Day card. You even have the guts to insist she open and read it in front of you. And… your specific choice of words and phrasing — those filthy thoughts you most wanted to convey — did indeed have a direct effect on her. Just not the one you intended.

It turns out… SHE is right. SHE has YOU completely sussed. SHE knows your weaknesses, where your confidence actually fails, how you’re still a boy just overly eager to be a real man.

SHE informs you of all of that and WHY. In fact, she’s so expert at putting you in your place that your fantasies of your teacher have now completely and forever been altered.

And SHE is hotter than you imagined any woman could ever be.