"This is one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen! Your voice, your pantyhosed legs, and your gentle movements had me completely entranced and under your spell. You are incredibly beautiful and talented!"

Our First Anniversary Night Leaves You Desperate for Release


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31 January 2012

So, just what do you have in mind for our special night? Hmmm? Since it’s our first anniversary and you let me pick the restaurant for dinner, you get to pick the at-home activities. What kind of sexual play should we get into? How should you be treated?

You deserve the very best… it’s been a great first year together. Oh, really? You want to be tied up? Well, this will be fun! Did you have something in mind… you’ve bought the rope already?! Wow… I think we’re both in for a treat! I’m going to love tying you down all naked on the bed and vulnerable.

What’s the rest of the plan? You want me to sit on your face? I’d love to… I didn’t know you were such an ass man… what are you going to do while I’m poised there? Oh, wait… I forgot that I had that big bowl of chili and beans for dinner. I feel my tumbling rumbling already… but I’m definitely not going to let that ruin our big night. I’m going to deliver exactly what you asked for! Get your mouth – and nose! – ready….