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The Start of your New Life


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27 July 2011

It all begins now. Well, because of your present condition, of course. I mean, how can I possibly remain satisfied with a husband who’s been in a terrible accident and is now missing his appendages? Seriously. What can you do for me now?

How are you going to take care of yourself? You’re returning home from the hospital and I’m supposed to take care of you? FOREVER?!?! Okay, let’s be honest here.

Um, the truth is, I’ve been cheating on you. Even before your accident. It’s true. I’ve been fucking other men. Now, you have your freedom, even if no HANDS. So, choose. We can get a divorce… but I don’t recommend it. How will you work? Eat? Pay the bills?

OR you can remain married to me. Your choice. Want to remain my doting husband? Then, let’s have one last fuck. Right now. And yes, I said your “LAST!”