I think perhaps your clips should include a warning label; because one of these days, someone, is going to have a heart attack. When they say 'looks can kill', they mean when they look as amazing as you do."

Oops! You Weren’t Supposed to See Me Like This


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16 May 2019

I need your help, Honey! Now, don’t be upset seeing your mother like this. I know you don’t understand; it must look so strange to you. Don’t worry, and don’t be scared. I just need you to untie me. Please!

You see, Mommy and Daddy were playing. Yes, that’s right. We were playing a kind of game, and then, Daddy got called away to work like you know he always does, and Baby, I need YOU to untie me.

Don’t be frightened. Mommy’s all right. Try not to look at me like this, don’t pay attention to any of these… things… you see on the bed. And… oh, gosh. DID YOU GET AN ERECTION??!

But your father’s not here to explain… not here to help me… not here to show you what to do. And that looks SO PAINFUL! What am I gonna do? Just what can I do for you??

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