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Oh, How Bad You Are for Coming for Me and Not Her


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30 June 2017

Look at me.  Yes, I’m gazing at you right through the lens.  I’m staring deep into your own eyes with all the power I know I have over you.  Your cock stiffens as you see the first sight of me.  Your desire grows with each word slipping from my perfect lips.  This is exactly what you want, exactly what you come to me for.  But I want to torment you all the more this time.

I want you to show me a photo of HER: the woman in your life.  Yes, bring that photo of your wife, girlfriend, or special girl right next to me.  I want you to look at the two of us side by side, looking back and forth between us.

How does that torment your very soul: to compare her to me, to have her loving eyes staring right back at you adoringly as you jerk your cock for ME?  Do you feel naughty?  Do you feel BAD?  You’re getting harder for me, you’re going to come soon, and you’re going to look at her and then me, her then me, as you come for my words and my body.  I own your cum.