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Oh, Dear! Your Best Friend’s Mum Caught You Jerking to Her


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2 June 2015

Oh, my gosh!!  Is that… what are you doing??  Are you… is that a naked PHOTO of me?!  Where’d you get that?!

Oh, gee… but I’m an older woman?  You can’t possibly… are you… turned on by me?  Gee… that’s… what, um, part of the… photo were you focused on?  The, um, upper half?  Or, maybe the, uh, lower half?  Like this?

Well, you can’t possibly go back to my son’s room with your, um… so hard.  He’ll notice!  You have to do something about it, don’t you.  Would you like me to tell you how?  You should do it the right way…

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