"I have to say that your videos are absolutely incredible! I love the sound of your voice, and the sultry coy look in your eyes."

Nursing My Nasty Ankle Sprain in My Sneakers


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27 June 2009

Oh, god!! Ow, it hurts so much! How in the world did I twist my ankle so easily?!?? OWWWWWW! $&$#*#! Oh, god, it hurts!

I can’t even stand on it, not just one ounce of pressure. But I have to get to the kitchen for a bag of ice. And to the bathroom for the bandages… I need to ice and wrap up this ankle right away before it hurts even more. It’s swelling so fast! ARGHH! The pressure in my sneaker is KILLING me!

I can’t stand the pain. But I have to get what I need, I have to force myself to limp, just enough to hobble to where I need to do. I’ll take it one step at a time. OOOHHWWW!