“Thank you, I haven’t had this much fun masturbating in quite a while.”

"Thank you, I haven't had this much fun masturbating in quite a while."

So Turned on by Ankle Sprains that I Cause One in My New Sneakers to Get Off With


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15 December 2009

I’m so ready for a good workout. My bright new sneakers fit so well! I’m just going to slip them over my bare feet, pull the shoe strings taut, and enjoy the new cushion beneath my bare soles. So bouncy! I could jump and jog all day in these.

And my ankles feel so strong. It’s been quite a while since I’ve sprained my ankle last… since I’ve felt that heavy swelling, the tight red skin, that pain mixed with pleasure, oooh, and how it feels to put weight on a hurting ankle! It turns me on so much to enjoy a severe ankle sprain… I wonder what it would take to sprain my ankle again… Imagine the orgasm I could have!!