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Twisting, Spraining, and Moaning in Pain for My Poor Ankle


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5 August 2010

OooohHH!! What have I done now?? Not my ankle again! ooooohh AAAAAAAAHHH! I can’t put any wait on it at all. I was only packing and lifting! How did I twist my ankle?!? Ohh! Maybe if I get out of these old sneakers and find some shoes that support my ankle.

Oh, how am I going to limp all the way into the other room?? I have to try… Oh, but how am I going to get this shoe off? The pain is almost unbearable!! And squeeze my puffing, red ankle into a new, high-top shoe?? AAAAAHHHHHH! I just have to, no matter how much it hurts. Just hold my breath and…. AHHHHHHH! Now, I’ll try this better shoe….. AHHHHHHHHHH, I’ve done it again!!!!!!!!