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Frustrated Cheerleading Captain Overwraps Her Sprained Ankle


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11 January 2010

Ooohhhh, how am I ever going to make it to practice like this? Coach is going to be so upset with me! I HAVE to look good… I’m the team captain! My ankle’s just too sore to slip into my high heeled pump.

Maybe if I wrap it… ow, it hurts!! How many bandages do I have? I’m going to use them all! This ankle won’t swell up at all; I’m going to wrap it so tight, over and over and over again! Oh, it still won’t fit into my sexy shoe! And my foot is turning blue… I’ve wrapped it so tight.

I still have to look good though… let’s see if I can wear just one high heel shoe and walk normally and practice my cheers and jumps…