"I feel like you really put forth the time and effort to research the fetish that I enjoy. It's as if you've scoured the internet or books for hours to find out the intricacies of what turns on person with fetish X or Y."

Nipple Control


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20 February 2020

Keep your eye on the nipples, MY nipples, the nipples jutting through my incredibly thin and nearly transparent nightgown.  Oh, one slipped into view… just like that, my nipple, primed, self-pinched, and ready to meet your stare is staring back at you… tempting you… tugging at you.

Yes, you may jerk your cock as you watch me tease you… teasing my own nipples hard as stones.  You only have to change your pace, stop and start, depending on how much of my nipples you’re seeing from one moment to the next.

And then, you will come… when I allow you… when you’ve developed an addiction for my nipples themselves.

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