“I’m so excited for all the great stuff you’re going to make this year.”

"I'm so excited for all the great stuff you're going to make this year."

I Know What You’re Good for… Give My Feet a Hot Cum Bath


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20 July 2009

Oh, I know what you’re looking at… my sexy feet! Do my sexy strappy sandals turn you on? Or is it my pretty painted toenails? Or my soft, shapely feet? I can tell you’re crazy for them… just look at that big bulge in your pants!

Well, I may be able to help you out with that. Why don’t you pull your big cock out and show me just how hard my little feet make you. That’s it. Now, come over here nice and CLOSE. I want to really make you crazy. Does this work?

Let me take my pretty little sandals off for you… Do you like it when I wiggle my toes for you? Are you close enough? You’re not hard enough… come really, really, really close.

I’m looking forward to a really hot cum bath for my tootsies. After all, that’s all you’re good for!