"You are a very incredible young woman. You make fantasy such a pleasure to be part of. Thank you for you beautiful videos."

My Evil Intentions Play Out as I Trick You into Admiring My Powerful New Shoes


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10 November 2009

Hi… Why don’t you come over here? Oh, come on. I want to show you something! I can’t wait to hear all of your wonderful compliments about my sexy new shoes… Look closely, VERY closely… See the pretty dangling jewels? See how the strappy sandals sparkle as I swing my feet? Aren’t they beautiful? Now, tell me what you think of them…

Oooh, are you getting sleepy? That’s all right. Just relax. Once you feel completely asleep, all comfortable and calm and not in conscious control anymore… well, I have some new rules to set for you. You want to please me, don’t you? And make me very happy?

Now, listen carefully… your life, your orgasms, and your very ERECTION are going to change completely from this point forward. Oh, yes, I’m going to have complete control over ALL of them…