"I recently stumbled upon your website and have been unable to get you out of my mind. The way in which you engage the camera has me yearning for more."

Cute Little Schoolgirl Caught Dangling Her Shoes and Exposing Her Bare Feet


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29 December 2009

I’m studying so hard, concentrating so closely on my class notes…. I don’t even realize that my flats are slowly sliding off my bare heels or that I subconsciously moan with the relaxing release. I’m dangling without even noticing, crossing and uncrossing my legs at the knees or ankles, even losing a shoe completely now and then without any recollection of how I did so. I just slip the shoe right back over my pink painted toenails and naked soles and keep on studying. I don’t even realize… until a glance here or there… that you’ve been watching me all along…