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More Balloons in My Future?


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2 April 2013

Catching up with your messages and scene requests, I’ve found a plethora of balloon-themed ideas.  Oh, I get a bit of everything each and every day.  That’s one of the things I love about what I do… and doing it for you.  You expertly manage to keep my need for variety, adventure, and new challenges fulfilled.

But back to the balloons… there’s a bit of a theme going on in my inbox lately.  You want me to bounce on them, turn into them, turn you into them, talk about how much I love them… and it all means a great deal of fun for me!

The balloon requests are starting to deviate from the usual, and I’m excited about trying out a few new balloon-related themes and scenes on you in the future.  In the meantime, I’m soaking up your input, perusing your requests, and learning about the “looner” community from you all the more.  Keep it coming… we all explore and enjoy together.  I’ve filmed a few scenes featuring balloons and other inflatables: inflating them, playing around with them in devious ways, popping them, and even turning you into one.  What I will do next will be entirely different…

Are you a fan of great big balloons inflated, stretched to the max, ridden, and popped?  We’ll see how I can get your fancy for balloons tickled a bit more.