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Having Fun Blowing Up a Big Yellow Balloon


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24 August 2008

I love playing with balloons! And I love blowing them up, especially with a very fun air pump and my high heeled feet just pumping, pumping away. I’m not too good at it… my big wedge sandals keep slipping off the high foot pump, those silly balloons keep slipping off the air hose, and it’s hard work!

But it’s so much fun, and I work very hard pumping, pumping, and pushing on that air pump with my sexy feet and painted toenails until I blow up a balloon so very big! In fact, I start to get scared… I’m so afraid of balloons popping! I have to stop blowing this one up, but I loved the feeling of my shapely legs and sexy feet pumping away to make a big yellow party balloon just for you!

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