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Making Your Breakfast, Making You Come Hard


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17 February 2017

She’s the perfect mom.  She makes you a hot breakfast every morning, genuinely cares about your school work and interests, wants to give you the best experience of growing up that life can offer.  But she’d never think… never dream… that you get turned on when you see glimpses of your own mom’s body.  No, no, she’d never guess.  Not her boy.  She doesn’t think you’re quite that mature, quite that horny, or just that hormone-driven.

She doesn’t think your own fantasies and turn ons can possibly go beyond what’s right, normal, or even acceptable.  But you’re getting harder and harder, your pants all the tighter, at every peek of your mom’s beautiful bare breasts as they slip out of her silky satin robe.  She’s not even aware of just the view you’re getting.  When she finally realizes, she’s so embarrassed and quickly covers.  You adore her all the more.

She’s trying to be proper, trying to be the perfect parent.  But when you can’t even stomach your breakfast, your mind completely sidetracked by your mom’s repeatedly unaware viewings of her immaculate breasts, mom confronts you… kindly, gently, even understanding: “no, no, that’s not right.  I’m your mom; you’re not supposed to think of me that way.”

But you can’t stop… you want her, you want your erection satiated.  Her inviting you to help her with the dishes after you’ve been getting one hot view of her bare breasts after another takes your breakfast where neither of you imagined it would go…

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