"The most attractive part of you and your scenes to me is you're really impressive ability to get so deep into character and play the part that men with these specific fantasies can fully engage in and truly believe that they are part of your videos."

Making Myself the Perfect Man


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25 August 2011

What’s this?? Why, I think it’s a MAN! A real… live…. MAN! Well, as soon as I inflate him…. He’s huge… so big and robust. Just what I’ve always wanted!

He’s going to take a lot of blowing, require a LOT of my hot breath. I’m going to blow and blow and tease his valve, puff my cheeks, and feel the air rush in and out and in and out…. and when I just can’t blow anymore, I’m going to pump and pump and work his body with my biceps, pushing more air right through my balloon pump and into his big body.

…and when I can’t possibly pump anymore, I’m going to get out the BIG toy… my air compressor to pump and pump and fill him right up! Then, he’ll be mine… ALL MINE… to cuddle and hold and ride off into the sunset with…

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