"It was like watching old home videos and the dirtiest porn at the same time--and I actually mean that in a really good way."

Lucky for You, Big Sis Is Home from College


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9 January 2019

Hooray!  Big sister’s home from college again, storming into your room with all her usual enthusiasm and teasing ways.  She adores you, you know.  You two have always had such a “special” relationship.  Even your older sister is confessing how much she’s missed you.

In fact, she casually (deviously?) mentions she’s learned some new things while away… and she wants to try them on YOU first.  Why not?  You wouldn’t want your sexy sister to practice on OTHER boys instead, would you?

It’s all innocent really.  She just has a few things to try with you… a few things you’ve never experienced before.  So, why are you being shy now?

Why are you making her tease you into pulling out your cock?  Is it because your big sister has just said “cock” out loud to you?  Is that why it’s getting so impossibly hard right now??  Things are about to get out of control VERY fast…

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