"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I'm sooo annoyed I didn't know about you earlier."

Let’s Make a Little Working Arrangement…


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3 November 2015

It’s so simple, Mr. Boss Man. You see, I’m a professional… secretary. I’m deeply tuned into all your needs. I see you staring at my legs. So, why not propose a little challenge? I do love a challenging job and position.

I know I can make you come with JUST my legs… I already know you love to see them cross and uncross… oh so slowly… you love to see the back of my pumps pop gently off my heels… you love how I dare to leave my legs bare at the office… you love the way I rub them as if they satisfy me so much myself.

And I’m going to make you come. Right here. Right now. And when I begin the countdown, after bringing you to the bring so easily already, things are really going to heat up!

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