“You’re far and away the best performer out there in my opinion.”

"You're far and away the best performer out there in my opinion."

She’ll Never Know What You Did When She Wasn’t Looking


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13 December 2022

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It’s been impossible with your parents lately.  You haven’t even spoken to your own mother in weeks.  She isn’t at all supportive of your starting college with a choice of fashion photography as your career.  You were supposed to enter the business world like your proud parents.  They don’t know what to think of a “artsy type.”  Your mother is the one to breech the silence and ask to talk to you about it all finally.  She’s still stern, still upset, and not at all happy about you referring to her by her first name.  She’s dying to be your dear “mom” and “mommy” again.

She wants a relationship with her grown son, wants to support you if it otherwise means losing you, and she has no idea what her own guilt and desire opens up for you… you, the man drawn to fashion photography only to satiate your intense leg fetish.  It doesn’t take long for you to devise a plan to take advantage of your mother’s truce to satisfy your own fetish.  She just wants you to love and talk to her again.

She’ll never guess what you’re really up to as it happens so very naturally, so very gradually… not even after the suggestion of wine to make her more comfortable… not even as you suggest poses or unbuttoning her blouse… not even as she grows more and more fond of your compliments and flattery… not even as you get more demanding in your directing… not even as you suggest she wear a hat to shield her view for an “artsy shot” that leaves her frozen in the perfect pose while you unzip your pants, release your cock, relieve that urgency you’ve so cleverly nurtured through the entire photo shoot, and even dare to touch her bare leg as you ejaculate in pure ecstasy with a shudder poor mommy will never recognize as the sexual taboo that is actually happening right out of her view.

By the time you allow her to take off the hat, she thanks you for the opportunity to help you, feels you two have grown so much closer, and is more than willing to model for you again in the future.