"I just contacted the Academy Awards big-wigs, told them I was mounting a write-in campaign for Tara Tainton as Best Actress nominee."

Let Me Take All Your Cares Away


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9 June 2020

That’s what *mothers* are for: to take all your cares away. It took so long to get you to finally share with me what is bothering you so much, and had you locked in your room for hours on end.

Finally, finally… you shared the truth with me: your girlfriend might break up with you if you don’t get a grip (hee hee hee) on your erection issues. But what I can’t fathom is WHY my *son* has any issue to begin with! You’re so strong, healthy, and your *father*… well… I think what you need is a mother’s touch.

I’m going to help you relax, let everything else go, and work your way back to having a strong, easy, HARD erection. And I’ll make sure you can MAINTAIN it, in every sexual situation you may find yourself in.

My boy will never have to worry again. Just remember how it feels to be inside ME, whenever you need to…