“Your clips have been so brilliant.”

"Your clips have been so brilliant."

Lavishing the Effects of Your Sissy Supplements


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5 February 2011

Now, how has your new supplement regimen been working? Are you feeling all the effects? Every little fantastic detail of your calculated age regression and feminization? You’ll soon be the little sissy I always wanted… whom you were always meant to be!

You know that tiny dick isn’t adequate for anything else. You can’t play the role of a real man and fulfill his duties, so you’ll just have to fulfill the life of a real sissy… down to wearing pretty girl panties, even a diaper, accepting the humiliation that matches the merits of your small dick, enjoying your softer voice and feminine figure, and drinking down another man’s cum as your meant to… right out of a baby bottle!

And I’m going to thoroughly enjoy and force more cum out of your stiff little dick as you get turned on by the first effects of your new lifestyle!