"You're the only person in the world that could make me be so dirty."

I Can’t Believe I’m Babysitting a 21-Year-Old Virgin


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5 December 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Hey there… your mom sent me over to, uh, babysit you for the night. But, um, are you REALLY 21 years old?? Wow… the stories are true then! Your mum tells me and our girlfriends ALL about you. She’s raised you to be her big sissy boy, right? Is it true that she makes you wear her stained panties all the time under your pants?

I know she always teases you for going through her lingerie drawer and LOVES humiliating you by making you wear her clothes and makeup around the house. And you… well, I’ve heard you have a big crush on me. You know, I’d NEVER go for someone like you. You aren’t even a man! I mean, you should be, but… you haven’t even had sext yet and… you NEVER will.

Oh, now you’re looking at MY panties? Look all you want, but you’ll never get this pussy! How do I look by the way? I heard you help dress up your mommy for her hot night out… do you think she’s all sexy in her leather mini skirt and over-the-knee boots?? Guess what she’s going out to do tonight… it’s a bit of a surprise… and if you don’t be a good boy, you’re gonna be on cream pie duty! Oh, you are SUCH a sissy slut… you’ve had a hard on since I first arrived!