"My great compliments for your work, very outstanding and erotic when boring, less intelligent, and unprofessionally made videos are so common out there. Great talking and acting!"

Keeping You Locked Up in My Closet for Days to Punish Your Panty Pervert Ways


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27 October 2014

I caught you, pervert stepbrother… oh, how angry you made me! On an impulse, I pushed you into my closet, tied you to the hanger rail, and now, you’re my detainee… my own boy toy locked away in my own wardrobe.

Every day, I walk in and out, going about my day, and closing the door on you as you’re left in the quiet darkness once again. Sometimes, I forget you’re even in there! I may come in to dress up for a hot date or go out with the girls, to pull on my pajamas, get nude, or just complain about the evils of the males in this world in general! You give me so much trouble!

Love those panties I caught you with so much? I’m going to stuff a pair into your mouth and tape your face right over them to keep you quiet. Don’t want anyone hearing you in here or finding out I have a slave! I may be inclined to tease you… maybe masturbate in front of you when I’m horny, since I see your naked erection pointing at me every time I undress in front of you… maybe even, well, I couldn’t dare, could I?

Yes, maybe… maybe I’ll help myself to your hard on and do with you just as I please! It could be so hot to use you as my dildo for days… especially if I don’t let you come while I DO. This IS punishment, after all.