"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing video! I have been disappointed several times before with other "artists", but you always deliver!"

I’ve Done a Really Bad Thing


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14 November 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh, Baby, Mommy’s done a really bad thing.  I didn’t really want it, didn’t ASK for it, but it’s done now.  It’s happened.

You’re my little confidante, my darling boy, the love of my life.  We can tell each other secrets, can’t we?  And keep each other’s secrets, yes?

I… I went out tonight with the girls, just wanting to have fun, really.  Just to dress up, feel pretty, and I loved the attention from strange men.  Honey, Mommy has been very naughty.  Mommies aren’t perfect.  Will you still love me?  Are we still best friends?

I slept with a man that wasn’t your daddy – it hurts so much to say it – and… I just wanted to feel beautiful, to feel GOOD.

You think I’m pretty, don’t you?  You love me, don’t you?  I can’t believe how grown up you look, how soon you’ll be having your first experience with a woman.  You won’t be my best friend anymore; you’ll love someone else more than me.

But you’re with ME now… you’re MINE now… you’ll always love your Mommy, won’t you?  Just like I’m loving you, holding you, touching you now…