"There's something so much deeper and better about being turned on by someone whose eyes have such life in them. Short version: you really are something special."

It’s Small Penis Acceptance Day


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30 December 2016

I know you small dicked guys don’t get much action. I mean, do you really ever get ANY?? You’re so tiny… totally inadequate really… and so, what can you expect? Well, tis the season for sharing and giving. So, I thought I could make one exception for you. I’m declaring it “Small Penis Acceptance Day,” and I’m allowing tiny penis freaks to have sex with me. ONE DAY ONLY!

I know this might get REALLY difficult because, well, I probably won’t be able to tell when it’s actually in. That is, if I can even find it. Are you sure you even have the ability to get hard?? ‘Cause I STILL can’t see it. I’ll do what I can to help that tiny pencil stub grow so you can take advantage of this special day and just what it means for you, but… I might have to laugh at you – a lot – along the way.

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