"Being natural, going with the flow and having fun with the performance makes yours special. I get a sense that you truly love what you're doing."

It Won’t Be the Last Time


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30 June 2020

…But the first is always the sweetest.

–It was just another evening. Your *mother* waiting up for your father, you watching some late night television. You conjured up something about how she’d promised to watch a movie with you, knowing she’d never want to break a promise.

It couldn’t have gone more perfectly: the two of you “trapped” watching PORN together! She was even the one to lose the remote–and not find it again! Oh, her face as she realized what you were watching on screen.

You couldn’t quite tell if it disgusted her or… something else. But she loved the idea of a foot massage, then a shoulder massage… She admitted to having some wine before coming up to your bedroom…

Neither of you ever expected what happened next. And you’re still trying to figure out just WHO really instigated everything that unfolded…