“Only wished that just this once fantasy could merge with reality.”

"Only wished that just this once fantasy could merge with reality."

Inviting the Delivery Man in for Some Mutual Fun… “I Want to See YOUR Package!”


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20 July 2010

Oh, what timing! I was just about to get in the shower when I heard a knock at the door! I had to rush to answer it in nothing but my bath towel! I think the delivery man was blushing as soon as I opened the door. No biggie… until I just couldn’t hold my package, my towel, and the clipboard to sign for the package all at once! OOPS!

I hope he doesn’t think I was planning that on purpose. I was so embarrassed! And he was totally professional, just a bit red in the face… until I noticed the hard-on in his pants! Did I cause that? Oh, I’m so sorry!! Well, can I just borrow some sort of “tool” of yours to open up my package before you leave?

I’ve been waiting for this to COME for so long. Well, that is, unless you’d like to stay a while? My new toy would be so much more fun to try out if…. if you wanted to help me with it. Just watch me for a bit? I’ll put on a little show for you… It’s only right. I mean, you can’t return to work in that state, now can you?? You can put on a little show for me too…