"You have a dangerous charm. I just want to say, keep up with what you are doing."

Encore: Doin’ It on the Balcony in My Bikini


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1 August 2008

You loved my “Doin’ It on the Balcony” video so much, I think my infamous, itty bitty red bikini deserves an encore presentation. This time, I have a new balcony to strip on, new neighbors to treat to my muffled moans and the wafting scent of my self-pleasuring outdoor activity, and I’m wearing my itsy bitsy red g-string bikini bottoms for a great view of my tanned ass. I wish you were here to “tan” my hide for me!

I’m going to pose for you while outdoors and in full view of my surrounding neighbors, then strip down a bit to get down to business. Watch me as I probe myself with a big veiny dildo and make myself come… just after a neighbor, very very near, comes and goes from their apartment next door in view of me! Are you ready for a very special treat? Come with me…