"I have bought a couple of your clips and was blown away by how engaging, intelligent, witty and insightful you are. Add that with your extreme beauty and that makes for a deadly combination."

I Love Being Watched


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7 August 2008

Oh, I have something very, very special for you. This one’s just between you and I… voyeur and exhibitionist. I really love being watched as I touch and play with myself, pose and perform. Every smile is for you from the bit of shy girl existing inside me and bashfully, secretly longing for you to continue watching.

This time, I really take my time and fully enjoy the thought of you watching my every move. I just have to model for you in sexy, shadowy light in front of the sunshine streaming through my bedroom window. I like to think of you growing hungrier for me as I pose for you and court my own arousal. When I call you closer, I’ll strip for you in beautiful natural lighting so flattering on my nude skin. I’m not phased by those passing below my window within view of my naked body. I love it!

I invite you still closer so that you’re standing right next to me, watching every twitch, listening to every moan, and enjoying the view fully as I work my giant rabbit vibrator deep inside my pussy and against my hardening clit. Don’t we have so much fun together? I just love being watched by you.