"It was like watching old home videos and the dirtiest porn at the same time--and I actually mean that in a really good way."

Impress the Amazon Princess if You Want to Be Chosen as Her Mate


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17 April 2012

Think you have what it takes? The stamina, the prowess, the animal instincts? Think your cock is big enough, impressive enough, virile enough? This Amazon princess isn’t looking for a relationship; she only needs a mate. Just one man, standing out (and erect!) above the rest to be selected as her impregnator.

She only needs your seed… but you must persuade her you are the right choice by proving your stamina and strength with a masturbation demonstration. Right here, right now. Don’t bore her with your feeble attempts at proving your manhood; she’s yawning already. This one isn’t interested in your usual tricks and show; she’s only looking for real potency.

Jerk like you’ve never jerked before, and you better last, despite her incredible body poised and teasing before you. Her every move will remind you that men aren’t good for anything but ONE thing: your seed.