"All I can say is FRICKEN WOW. Now I can't wait to find the right woman who can help me live out that fantasy. Inception. You planted it, now it won't go away."

I’m Here to Tempt You Out of Millions; What’s Your Weakness?


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1 July 2009

Hi, there. *smile* I’ve heard something very exciting about you… that you’ve actually bet that you could remain completely chaste – no orgasms at all, not even enjoying masturbation – for a full 40 days. Is that so?? My, oh my! How in the world have you managed to make it this far?

This is your last few minutes, right? Day 39? And you’re about to win MILLIONS for all your effort and prolonged chastity. Wow! That’s a great deal of money. But you poor thing! Have you not relieved yourself just once? You must be dying…

Tell me something. What’s your weakness? *smile* Is it a woman’s toned legs and firm thighs? Perhaps her well rounded bum in a short skirt? What about sleek high heeled shoes? You know… I think I can SEE what your weakness is, judging by that growing bulge in your pants. It must be ALL of ME!!

Is this what you like to see? My, it really is hot in here, isn’t it? Don’t mind me; I’m just going to slip this shirt off… Do you mind if I lean in close and whisper something to you? If I manage to make you slip up, come right here, and lose your bet; I become a billionairess! That’s right. Now, let me help you with that urgent boner in your pants. Yes, I know just how to “handle” that…