“You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!”

"You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!"

I’m Afraid You’re Plagued with a Rare Virus Causing You to Shrink When You Come


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12 February 2010

Hmmm… I’m afraid your condition is indeed quite dire. Did the doctor not inform you of the final diagnosis? I’m afraid you’ve been afflicted with a rare and potentially lethal virus causing you to shrink every time that you ejaculate. Let me just exam you…. I’m going to work your penis for a bit of necessary analysis…

Oh, my!! You’re shrinking again!! I’ll just record your corrected height measurement on my chart here…. Just five feet now! hee hee hee I’ll leave someone else to clean up that mess you just made. Goodbye!

(The poor fellow has no idea what he’s in for… I feel so powerful… being able to control his own size like that. I could make him come at any moment, almost instantly, probably without even touching him. I’ll have to plan a medical visit at his own home after he’s released from the hospital here… I wonder if his condition causes him to shrink even when he has a wet dream in his sleep? I can work my way into his every thought quite easily… I bet I’m already permanently planted there! Hmmmm… to think that I have the power to render a man completely helpless with my own sex appeal and ultimately be able to simply crush him out forever with my own shoe…)