"Tara, while clips4sale is comprised of a lot of talented individuals, personally speaking, you are the only who is able to scratch that proverbial itch when it comes to dabbling in the taboo."

Are You Sure You Want to Finish Coming Together if It’s Making You Shrink?!


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20 April 2010

Come here, baby… won’t you take a little nap with me? We can share sweet dreams together… unless you want to fool around a bit? Does that sound nice? I’ll touch myself if you let me watch you play with yourself right beside me… Mmmm… doesn’t this feel wonderful? It’s so hot watching you while I’m working myself into a frenzy.

Wait a minute… what’s happening!? The more I get off, the smaller you seem to get! Sweetie! Where did you go? What are you doing all the way down there at my feet now?!? Oh, goodness… I must be stealing your size while I get all worked up!

Are you sure you want to continue? Is it worth it? Don’t worry… I’ll still take great care of you. Come nestle your tiny little self between my breasts. You can come on my huge nipple!!