"The long kiss on the bed melted me, you are a wonderful actor, it felt so real, so awkward, then so passionate with the kiss, and to think you film and act most of this all by yourself ...wow."

If You’re Going to Act Like a Baby, Mommy Is Going to Have to Treat You Like One! – Day 1


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21 October 2009

What was that? Mommy’s really busy right now, honey. What do you need? Go ahead; spit it out. Uh huh… yes… Now, I told you that if your bed wetting problem persisted, we’d just take you to the doctor for an appointment. You’re old enough to handle the problem yourself before it gets to that point.

What did you just say? You thought I would be stricter with you? You’re already washing out your underpants… What do you want mommy to do? Punish you? Now, if that’s what you think you need to take care of your childish problem… What do you want? Can’t decide? Well, if you’re going to act like a baby, I’m going to have to start treating you like one!

You’re too old for the crib. Should I make you sit in the corner? How about a spanking? You GUESS so?! I think you know so. Come over here and bend over my knee right now! Is that hard enough? If not, I’m going to use my wooden brush on you too. Oh, you’re crying now? I hope I got the message through to you then. Now, stand in that corner with your red, aching ass bared to the world until I tell you you can leave. Got it? You SHOULD feel humiliated!

Just wait until you see what I have in store for you after your timeout. You’re going to show me where you’ve been hiding your stash of adult diapers, and Mommy is going to change you and powder your baby bum. That’s right!