"I think it would be fair to say that you've earned a place in the hall of fame/hall of compulsions of my sexual psyche that no one else can ever take over."

If You’re Going to Act Like a Baby, Mommy Is Going to Have to Treat You Like One! – Day 4


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11 December 2009

What’s this now?! Did you actually make a mess on Mommy’s couch?! And try to cover it up with this dirty towel? I can smell your wet pants all the way over here! You know, I think this wetting problem is getting way out of hand. We’re going to have to implement some new rules.

If you can’t take care of this problem yourself, Mommy’s going to have to resort to taking you to the therapist after all. Remember? Now, I’m going to have to diaper you as soon as you’re home from school everyday… my GROWN son! I’m going to remove your diaper FOR YOU when you need to go and supervise your use of the toilet.

I’m tired of having to look after a big baby all over again! And I have one more idea, one last resort to try. I will not have a son attending high school next year in DIAPERS!!!

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