“You have a great talent for role playing!”

"You have a great talent for role playing!"

If You Won’t Give Me a Baby, I’ll Just Have to Turn You into One


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15 April 2010

You know, honey…. I’ve been thinking lately… well, I want to have a baby. What do you mean “no?!” Come on… I’m not getting any younger. Don’t you want that tiny, cuddly baby to hold and nurture and adore? Fine. I’ll settle for a good lay then. hee hee hee

Let’s put your morning wood to good use and… will you suck on my breasts for me? Oh, yeah, just like that! Feels so good… Mmmm, that was fantastic sex.

Hey, you know, you look different to me… Do you feel different, honey? You look… younger! And shorter. You look like you’re going back to high school all over again! How does it feel to be fooling around with an older woman? ha!

Oooh… look, I’m lactating! Did you have some of my milk while we were having sex? That might explain it… it does taste nice and sweet… mmm… have some more…. Soon enough, you’ll BE my little baby, all dependent upon me, and nursing on my nipples!