"PERFECT! So sexy the way you were talking about your lust for power and then describing what it felt like....holy shit! Totally stupefied."

If I Can’t Charm You into Eating Your Own Cum with My Sweet Encouragement, No One Can


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1 March 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Today, we’re going to take it slow… I know why you’re here. I know just how much I turn you on. I’m in such a playful mood, and I hope you are too. Why don’t you get yourself naked for me… AND good and HARD. I want to show you exactly what to do with your cock… with my own strap-on dildo.

Watch carefully; we’re going to take this SLOW. I’m lubricating my cock as I tease you into touching yours. Match my strokes, just relax and follow along: faster… slower… while I talk so dirty to you. I know how being shown how to stroke turns you on SO much. I’m going to count down for you now… WAIT. There’s something truly sexy and hot that I would LOVE to see you do.

Let me demonstrate for you, lifting my stocking legs high over my own head and pointing my dildo dick to hover right over my tender lips. You know what I’m thinking, don’t you? You know what I want? I’ll sweetly beg as long as I need to. I know you usually lose the nerve to eat your own cum, but I would so enjoy you swallowing it now just for me.

Have I convinced you? Then, let me show you how to stroke, gently teasing, talking so seductively, and we’re going to take it nice and slow… together. I want a nice, BIG load. I want you to get every last drop. I want you to savor it. This is going to be our hottest shared moment yet. I’m so turned on right now…