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You Know What Would REALLY Turn Me On…


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27 February 2024

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Before we go to bed… well, I wanted to share something with you. You know, I saw something on the internet the other day when I was just browsing around. You might find it funny or… well, I saw this video of a guy actually sucking his own dick! I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I didn’t even know that was possible. Did you?

Have you ever thought about it before? I know it’s kinda strange but… it really turned me on to watch that video. I didn’t know it would! But it was really hot watching a give give HIMSELF a blowjob! Very sexy. Is that… something you would ever want to try? I mean, I would LOVE to watch you!

Do you think… well, we could just figure out how you can do that right now. You want to?? Oh, will you PLEASE try it for me?? It would drive me WILD to watch you… I might come myself! I could even gently use your favorite dildo on you while I watch you suck. And if you find it’s turning you on… well, you could shoot your load straight into your own mouth! If you want to…