"I was singularly impressed. It's incredibly rare to find a woman who does erotica who can actually act."

Welcoming My Overdeveloped Stepson’s Future Wife to the Family


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13 October 2020

“You must ALWAYS be prepared.” That’s my mantra. That’s the #1 rule. We’ve been… blessed… with this issue since I married my husband and my stepson came to live with me. He’s an extraordinary boy – MAN – with an extraordinary… development. And nothing has been “normal” since.

Poor girl… his intended future wife. She had NO IDEA what she was in for.

But that’s why I stressed the situation, that’s why I pulled my son aside that evening. To remind him. That he is special, that he is different, that he has to let that poor girl know what she’s in for. They need to know that she can HANDLE what he’s equipped with – and the danger that lurks around every corner, when he gets turned on.

None of us knew that she’d get a crash course TONIGHT. All tears and screamed, pounding and pumping, and cum. So much cum.