"On some of you marathons i have literately blasted to the ceiling. i don't think their is any performer that can coax that sort of response in the entire industry."

My Big Balloon Ride


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26 September 2014

You know that thing you’ve been wanting to try?  …inflating my sexy body, watching my breasts expand, seeing me become larger than life?  Well, I think I’ll be up for it… after a few tests.  Actually, I’ve already poured the potion into your drink.  hee hee  Oh, now, come on.  It will be fine.  You want me to be safe, don’t you?

Wait… I think it’s happening already… you’re actually inflating… you’re even a bit buoyant!  Do you need me to help you unzip your pants… something happening in there… Oh, yes!  Now, THIS is what I’ve always wanted to see!  I think I better help hold you down… if that’s even possible.  Well, why… mmmmm…. oooh!  How does it feel to be so tight against my chest, your balloon cock straddled by my thighs, your enormous cock head bopping me on the back of the head??  Oooh, um, OHHHH!