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I Really Need Your Help… Where Should I Get a New Tattoo or Piercing?


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24 June 2010

I really need your help! Can I get your opinion on something? It won’t take long at all… promise! hee hee hee I just want to know where YOU think I should get my next tattoo… or should I get a piercing?? Oh, I just can’t decide. I’ll show you which sexy tattoos and piercings I already have… I’ll point you right to them. Here, look closely… come closer! Is that a good spot?

Now, where should I get something new? I have a few ideas, but I really want your own. I want you to tell me just where the very sexiest spot would be… I just might have to untie my bikini to show you the most intimate places. Wouldn’t a piercing be really hot right HERE??? I heard it would FEEL good too.. for YOU! hee hee hee

Oh, now, it looks like you’re getting turned on!! Does that mean this is a good spot? Or how about this one? I just can’t decide. I really need your help! I know… since I’m obviously getting closer with my guesses, why don’t you show me by stroking your cock just where you think I should get something new… and come on the spot that you love best!!